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When a catastrophe occurs our clients must not only respond to the need for more field adjusters, but also to the significant administrative challenges that occur from increased claim volume.  Traditional solutions to this involve finding and training part time or temporary staff.  This process is often difficult, time consuming and expensive.


To respond to this need, NCP Group provides experienced, trained and focused adjusters to work within our client’s offices or via satellite offices.  We are able to seamlessly work from remote locations and can easily and effectively integrate as a member of our client’s staff because of our commitment to using the most up to date technology.  We are able to receive and assign field adjusters, retrieve and review their work, settle the claim, share information in real time and save our clients significant expense.  For those clients who desire, we are also able to access and securely work within their internal claim system.




Your adjusters not only get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner, but are also courteous and understanding to our policy holders and member Mutuals we reinsure.

~ Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance


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