The price of the service vs. the value we received in the work product and customer service is unmatched by any other firm.

`McMillan Warner Mutual Insurance



NCP follows a specific process for hiring new adjusters.


To begin the process adjusters must submit an application.  We will be keenly interested in your experience, work product, customer service skills and will check your references.


Once you have completed all of the information required and submitted your application, we will review your application and contact you to discuss your qualifications and potential employment.  Based on the results of this discussion, an interview may be scheduled.


Each applicant will be judged on the results of this evaluation process after which a final decision will be made.  Those who are selected by NCP will be forwarded an employment agreement which must be signed and returned before any deployment can be made.


Our process may change during times of significant storm response activity, but this process is in place to help us identify the most capable adjusters and their capacity for future deployment.



Current Job Postings

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