Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register for a class?


You can register for a course by selecting and purchasing the course you wish to take from the NCP Store page. Following your purchase our training department will email you with specific details concerning your class.



When are classes held?


Simply contact the trainer of the specific course you are interested in and request the dates for upcoming classes. Our trainer will reply to your email and you can purchase and select the dates you wish to attend. We will also be updating our class schedule with all classes and dates offered soon.



Where are classes held?


Some classes are held via webinar, some are held in person at our training facility in Rockledge, FL, and some are held at select hotel conference rooms throughout the US. Check with the class trainer before registering to learn the details of your class.



What do I need to bring to class?


Instructions, necessary equipment and material for each class will be sent to you via email after registration. Each class is different and we recommend you contact our trainer prior to purchasing a class to learn what materials you should bring.



What hotel do I contact?


Depending on the class you select, your trainer will provide this information to you at the time of registration.



How will I connect remotely?


We utilize GoToMeeting software for our online training. You will need to download this software prior to attending a class. Your trainer will provide meeting ID's and passcodes.



How will I be graded?


Each session has an examination to prove your level of comprehension. Some exams are given by paper and some will be provided online via our website.



Will I receive a certificate?


In some sessions, a certificate is provided.



Does taking a class qualify me for deployment with NCP?


By achieving a satisfactory score in our Basic Adjuster course you would be considered for deployment.





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