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 In order to best serve our clients, we are able to receive losses in several different ways.


Electronic Transfer:


Our preferred method is by electronic transfer of claims from our clients claim system directly into ours.  This is accomplished through a simple file transfer process (usually in XML or delimited text format) and assures the highest speed and accuracy of claim transfer.  Most importantly, it streamlines the administrative process and allows us to assign claims immediately upon receipt.  Setting up this process requires just a few minutes of programming time and testing.  For those clients who are interested in learning more about this efficient process, contact David V. String at 877-576-0061.




For clients who prefer to email losses directly to us.  Losses can be sent directly to our new claim reporting mailbox where it will be immediately identified, created and assigned to an adjuster.  This process works well for companies who can attach PDF documents and send complete policy information with their assignments.  To send directly to our claim mailbox simply address your emails to




Some clients prefer to send losses by facsimile.  This is a much slower and less efficient process than XML/Text transfer or email submission.  For those clients who prefer this method, we maintain a 24/7 fax presence where your submissions will be immediately identified, created and assigned to an adjuster.  Our fax reporting line is: 877-527-8552.



We can always be reached by telephone too.

Call us anytime, for any reason.  Every call is important to us:


                                            877-576-0061 (Toll Free )             321-684-7018  (Direct)


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